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When building a new custom home, everyone wants to make their home special. However, building a custom home can be overwhelming:

  • Where do you start?
  • Are there budget considerations?
  • What about the style, design, and plans?
  • Is the lot located in the right neighborhood or location?
  • Are there homeowner association, community, city, or state restrictions that may impact the design or plans?

Modern luxury kitchen boasting tons of space and custom marble throughout, Colorado Springs CO

Many owners wonder if there is a professional that they can trust who will take full responsibility for the entire project? 

  • Should you form a team?
  • Which professionals do you need?
  • How do you select them?

These are all valid questions and concerns.

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Galiant Homes has been building custom homes since 2012. Galiant Homes is honored to be ranked #1 on Houzz.com in and all of Parker & South Denver. The Galiant design team will work in collaboration with nationally recognized architects and interior designers.

Modern living room boasting floor to ceiling windows and a custom fireplace, Colorado Springs CO

Galiant Homes understands that you want your own special place that reflects your style and taste. Our process, "The 5 Simple Steps"™ was created as a system based on the collaborative model that allows you to describe what you want, the design team draws it, you approve it, and Galiant builds it, on time, and on budget.

Building a custom home to match your lifestyle is the focus of Galiant Homes. It's what we do. Choose Galiant to build your new custom home and enjoy our promise of a Galiant 5-Star Experience. You've made it, now live and enjoy it.

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Why Galiant Homes?

3 Reasons To Select Galiant Homes As your Parker & South Denver Custom Home Builder

Over the last 10 years, Galiant Homes has perfected the Collaborative Method. This gives us the opportunity to make a promise of a 5-Star Experience to everyone.

There are 3 reasons why we can make this pledge:

  1. Process
  2. Team
  3. Execution

PROCESS: Galiant understands that you want your own special place that reflects your personal style and taste. Our process allows you to describe what you want, the design team draws it, you approve it, and Galiant Homes builds it.

TEAM: Galiant assembles a team for each project, based on trust, in collaboration with architects and interior designers. We use top sub-contractors and suppliers to guarantee the highest quality building standards and a 5-Star client experience.

EXECUTION: Our clients expect the best and refuse to take unknown risks to cut costs. Close attention is paid to the requirements of time, budget, design, and craftsmanship. Years of experience have increased our expertise and capacity to integrate state-of-the-art systems and value engineering, as well as practical solutions to unique, and common design challenges.

My husband and I were very pleased with the home that Steve built. His staff and contractors were very accommodating to our ideas as well as theirs, in giving us the retirement home we were anticipating. Throughout the year now, we still were able to communicate with Steve and his staff in getting the house just the way we want it for easy living.


"The 5 Simple Steps"

Inspired Design

Exciting design ideas drive every project. It all starts with our listening and idea session.

Galiant Homes understands that you want your own special place that reflects your style and taste.

STEP ONE: “Let’s Talk.”™ This is a listening and idea session to establish the scope and estimated budget range for your project. Your space needs, design preferences, and personal details are all identified.

Exterior or luxury custom home at twilight in Colorado Springs CO

STEP TWO: “Storyboard Process,”™ This step is when your design team is selected and ideas are transformed into a preliminary schematic floor plan. Your estimated budget range is revised to reflect the accepted plan and a chart of allowances is created for the selection process that follows. Specific code or structural issues will be assessed and resolved at this stage.

Spa-like bathroom boasting a floating tub and a large walk-in shower, Colorado Springs CO

STEP THREE: “Rendering to Scale,”™ is where selections and specifications are finalized to complete the bid process. A full set of construction plans are created to maximize design, innovation, and value engineering to meet your budget. Upon completion, a final construction agreement is presented for your approval.

STEP FOUR: “The Big Event,”™ is when the Galiant Homes construction team transforms your plans into reality. Your plans are built to specifications.

Luxury kitchen featuring a unique ceiling design, Colorado Springs CO

STEP FIVE: “Happily Ever After.”™ Your project has been completed, on time, on budget, and Galiant Homes has earned your 5-Star review.

Our process, “The 5 Simple Steps” allows you to describe what you want, the design team draws it, you approve it, and Galiant builds it.

By following “The 5 Simple Steps,” 
You'll love your home!™

Here's How To Choose The Right Home Builders in Parker CO   

If you're looking at home builders in Parker CO, you have plenty of options to choose from. With a wide range of home builders in the area, you can find a builder that fits your specific needs and budget. Whether you're looking for a custom home builder or a luxury home remodeler, you're sure to find a builder in Parker that can meet your needs.

In addition to a wide range of home builders in Parker CO, the area also offers a variety of homebuilding services. Whether you need help with financing, design, or construction, you can find the right home builders in Parker CO that can help you through the entire process. With so many options available, you're sure to find the home builder and homebuilding services that are right for you. If you are looking for a new home or thinking about renovating your existing home, contact us today for a free consultation. We would be happy to discuss your needs and requirements and provide you with a custom quote.  

Free Questionnaire

Wish List - My Parker & South Denver Home Ideas

Need new home ideas for your upcoming custom home build or luxury home renovation? This document is geared towards helping you organize your thoughts to build a dream home wish list complete with all of the detailed questions you'll need!

Is Parker Colorado a good place to live?

Parker, Colorado is a great place to call home! It has all the amenities of a large city without the crime and hustle. With multiple parks for you and your family to explore and plenty of quaint coffee shops to relax in, there truly is something for everyone in this small town. Despite its suburban feel, Parker is no stranger to modern convenience, as it provides easy access to major highways and airports. Conservation is also valued in this close knit community and most residents lean conservatively on social issues. All things considered, living in Parker offers something special that not many other places can – it's incredibly easy to make a life here!

Are Zillow and trulia the same company?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. Zillow and Trulia share the same parent company following Zillow's purchase of Trulia in 2015, meaning that they are connected at the corporate level. However, the two companies still function as separate entities, each offering unique tools and services such as real estate directories and rental-listing software. While they do share a number of strategies, they are distinguished by how they approach their offerings. Zillow goes beyond traditional search methods with features such as a 3D home tour feature, while Trulia facilitates neighborhood living by enabling users to get insights from current residents about local activities. So while the two may have technically merged together in terms of ownership, their general websites don't bear more than a passing resemblance to one another.

When was Parker Colorado founded?

This year, the Town of Parker is celebrating its 39th anniversary of incorporation. While it was almost four decades ago, many of Parker's founding principles are still alive today in the community spirit and close-knit neighborhoods that make the town such an idyllic place to live. Despite only originally covering an area of one square mile and a population of 285 at the time it was founded, Parker has grown steadily over the years and now includes more subdivisions, businesses and amenities than can be counted! The Town of Parker looks forward to many more anniversaries as it continues to grow and provide its residents with trusted services and a vibrant hometown culture.

How much would it cost to build a house in Denver?

Building a home in Denver can be quite the investment. Depending on size and amenities, the range of cost per square foot can be anywhere from $200 to $350, resulting in a much larger range when taking into account the size of house one wants to build. For example, building a 1 bedroom house may start at around $80,000 while building a 3 bedroom will usually require an investment of over $150,000 - with top dollar estimates reaching as high as $800,000. It is definitely important to research and work with experienced professionals if you are wanting to build a house in Denver as such sizable investments warrant careful preparation and attention to detail.

Is it cheaper to build or buy a house in Colorado?

When it comes to buying or building a house in Colorado, either option can provide cost savings opportunities depending on your budget and needs. Buying an existing home typically requires a smaller investment than building a new one, however added benefits such as efficient energy code compliant construction and custom features can bring extra value over time. To create a basic new build in Colorado you should expect to invest anywhere between $300,000 -$500,00 (with the state average being around $299,300). Smaller investments may be possible with careful planning but do not always guarantee long lasting value and quality. Make sure to weigh all the options before you make the decision that will be best for your family's future.

How much does it cost to build a 2000 sq ft house in Colorado?

With the increasing demand for housing in Colorado, construction costs have been steadily rising over the years. If you are looking to build a 2000 square foot house in the state of Colorado, it is estimated that the total cost would range from $200,000 to $550,000. While this may be more than you anticipated spending, bear in mind that this cost includes not just the building materials but also labor costs and other fees associated with permits and inspections. Location is an important factor as well - property types and access to utilities will lead to pricing differences across townships. Keeping these variables in mind could help you tweak your budget while building your dream home in Colorado!

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