Owings Mills - Custom Home

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Staying informed during your build

From your cell phone or computer you will have the build of your new home at your fingertips. Login to your home site to view the construction schedule, see daily logs and photos from the field staff, view and approve selections and more! Clients aren’t always able to visit the construction site which is why Galiant has implemented an online solution for their clients to stay informed and up-to-date on their new home.

Daily Logs

See daily notes from your Superintendent on what is happening on the job site. These notes will include what trades were on site that day, progress, weather and photos of specific items

Construction Schedule

Review what is going on today, tomorrow and weeks from now with the construction schedule of your new home. Your schedule will inform you on events taking place throughout the build and also let you know when critical selections need to be made to keep the home on schedule


The fun of building a custom home is the ability of choosing everything that goes in it! The selections page will display items, with photos, that you have selected with Galiant’s interior designer and give you the ability to finalize and approve that selection, converse with the design team on specific selections, or disapprove.


Communication is key when building a new home and Galiant’s online homeowners site gives you the ability to contact every member of the design or build team. Send a message to just the Construction Manager, the Interior Designer or message the entire team.

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