Front view of modern custom home at dusk, Parker CO

Douglas County

Douglas County

Building a custom home in Douglas County is an ideal choice for those looking to appreciate nature and still enjoy the convenience of an urban lifestyle. With its stunning terrain featuring rolling mesas, foothills, and classic Ponderosa pine trees, Douglas County boasts amazing views - perfect for catching breathtaking sunsets from your porch or front door. Not only that, but both Cherry Creek and Plum Creek provide ample opportunity for thrilling adventure experiences such as fishing and white-water rafting. What's more, the already-existing dams mean you don't have to worry about flooding in your area like in years past. And with an ever-growing economy and employment opportunities in nearby cities, building a custom home in Douglas County can be just the escape you need without completely sacrificing city amenities.

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Douglas County Courthouse Castle Rock, Colorado (by Jimmy Emerson)
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